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Dates for your Diary


11th March AGM 7pm  then training after

Limit Show Sunday 19th May

Limit Show Sunday 29th September

Dorset Top Dog Saturday 9th November

Christmas Finals Night Monday 16th December

Take a look to enter other shows


Training nights are temporary on Monday nights at the Hamworthy Club Magna road  BH21 3AP and start on the 8th January 2024 doors open at 7.15 for 7.30 start except for the dates below
Fees are £5.00 per session

Membership is £5.00 single and £6.00 joint

January 22nd                MATCH NIGHT

January 29th                  HALL CLOSED no club
February 19th              MATCH NIGHT
March 11th                      (7pm AGM then handling after)

March 18th                    HALL CLOSED no club
March 25th                  MATCH NIGHT

April 1st                          EASTER BANK HOILIDAY no club

April 8th                        HALL CLOSED no club
April 22nd                     MATCH NIGHT
May 6th                         MAY DAY  Bank Holiday no club
May 20th                      MATCH NIGHT
May 27th                      SPRING Bank Holiday Closed no club
June 17th                      MATCH NIGHT
July15th                         MATCH NIGHT

August 1st - 30th        SUMMER BREAK Closed no club
September 16th            MATCH NIGHT
October 21st                MATCH NIGHT
November 18th           MATCH NIGHT

December 16th            CHRISTMAS FINALS NIGHT


Poole and DistCS




                               POOLE CANINE CLUB OPEN SHOW 21/5/23

Judge Hilary Tringham.


Afghan Hound Open D/B  2 (0) Mr R and Miss C Gunn 1.KATANGA’S GOD OF MISCHIEF(D)11 months B/T quality puppy with excellent carriage Masculine yet refined head  with a dark eye giving the correct Afghan expression Good front well laid shoulders with good return to upper arm.good depth of chest and broad short loin.Well angulated hindquarters.large well padded feet.Moved with great freedom with front extension and rear drive.Was pleased to award him BOB and later Hound Group 2 Hound Puppy Group 1 and was very happy to see him awarded Best Puppy in Show by Mr S Bennet 2.R and C Gunn’s KATANGA’S GOD OF THUNDER Litter brother to 1 and another super young dog who has everything in head and body construction so worth persevering with. Unfortunately not showing off his many attributes today.Two pups of which to be very proud .AV Import Breed Reg PDorB no entries.AVIBR O Dor B  1)Mr Rand MIss C Gunn

STONEMARTIN AILBE WITH KATANGA  Azawakh Elegant bitch with refined head.Well shaped dark eye.Good front giving the desired front actionLovely underline with deep chest and good tuck up’Well balanced hindquarters .Used the ring well BOB 2) Rand C Gunn IMIDIWAN BIMURA with KatangaB Good head on long strong neck.Good front and good outline.Not giving of her best today.AVNSC Hound puppy,Sp Y PG,O all D or B  all ) entries AVHound PD or B) 5(3) Chapman- Reith HAYVENHUND HUNKY DORY St SH Dachshund D Beautiful head masculine with no trace of coarsenessWell balanced fore face and back skull Good lay of shoulder with good return and length of upper arm,Good keel and ground clearance Well balanced hind quarters Moved out well with good forehand extension and drive from behind.Some lovely type coming from this breeder as I later discovered it was his mother and litter sister that had Hound group and  Puppy Hound group placings.2)Severn’s BOLAND BALLOO Whippet(D)Good front and super deep chestGood underline  and strong muscled loin.Well angulated hqrs.Moved out well with verve.3)Rycroft FANTASTIC FRANK AT TRISENSARA St SH Dachs.AV HOUNDSpYr (3)(1) 1)Rycroft JACKSONDAX HORNET HURRAH(D) SSH DACHS masculine yet refined head good front well laid shoulder with good return to upper arm  used to advantage on the move.true away and back and powerful around the ring.Didnt give his handler an easy time when stacking but came to life on the move.(2)Forge NORMPUG PRAIRIE MOON MIN SH DACHS(B)Very sweet feminine lady well laid shoulder and  good return to upper armMoved well where the long grass had been trampled but I feel suffered from the length of grass which didnt allow her the freedom of front movement of 1AV Hound PG(0) (2) AVHound O(2)(0)1)Forge NORMPUG TIGER EYES (B) MSHD Feminine good expression dark well shaped dark eye excellent shoulder and upper arm good well shaped deep chest well balanced hind quarters.Managed the length of grass well and stepped out with verve.2)Wayman H and H SPEYMALT SEE THE STARS AT SCARLETFAIR(D)Whippet Lovely head and excellent top line and underline Strong well muscled loin  and well angulated hindquarters .AVH VET(10)(2)1)Mr D  and Mrs KJ Chappel NATTAH SKY’S THE LIMIT AT BLUEFLIGHT (Very feminine whippet of 8 years Elegant head and strong neck leading into well laid shoulder.Good underline and topline with well balanced hind quarters Moved out with ease and poise.2)Murphy’s BLACK ROYAL AT RHOSYNDU(D) 8 year old BEAGLE Masculine head head strong neck lovely front good depth and shape to chest well coupled good hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move.Pushed1 hard .(3)BE and C Duchesne’s A TOUCH OF MAGIC AT MARSHWICK SLHD (D)

HOUND GROUP Was spoilt for choice in this excellent group line up.Thanks to the judges who sent such lovely dogs through. Roberts and Spearing Dr C M and Ms DE LINKENLEES LYRIC ShCM,SHCEX(B) Beagle Super feminine bitch with good head and expression.Well laid shoulder with good return to upper arm  good depth of chest with balanced Hind quarters .Well set tail carried well.Presented a lovely picture moving freely and with the characteristic jauntiness of her breed .GR 2 The super Afghan Puppy previously reported on Gunn’s KATANGA GOD OF MISCHIEF.GR 3 Chapman -Reith’s  SSHDachshund WANDERHUND LETS CELEBRATE FOR HAYVENHUNDJW (B)SSHD.The mother of the two other highly placed exhibits from this exhibitor .Certainly breeding to type .This bitch had great presence loved her head her super front and hind quarters.Presented in the the greatest of condition.I found these first  three difficult to separate  as they were all on top form.Hound GR 4Mrs S Wilkinson Irish Wolfhound (B)RAINSTER EILEX AMONG HUNACRES Could not be denied this placingNicely put together but did not give quite the performance her construction suggested she could..So hard for the big breeds at the end of long hot days.


GR 1 Gunn’s Afghan  KATANGA GOD OF MISCHIEFGr 2Chapman-Reith StSHD WANDERHUND HISSY FIT(B)Shown in super condition a pleasure to handle .Elegant head and neck .well laid shoulders and good return to upper arm Strong forehand certainly fit for function.Well shaped deep chest.Great fore chest.Strong well muscled loin and strong hind quarters with no deviation which allowed her to step out  with power.PG3Severns  whippetB Balloo PG4Cox MLHD DOLYHARP SWEET HARMONY Feminine bitch with good expression. sound moving up and back  with a good side gait.

JUNIOR STAKES.(17)(12)1.HENSON Golden Retriever CINDERBANK MOVE IT(D)Masculine head.Good expression Well made front deep chest straight limbs Well coupled, balanced hind quarters Moved with ease around the ring with good extension and drive2.Papillon FINITY TRULY UNIQUE (D)very attractive boy good ears nice expression good front and hind quarters Moved well and pushed 1 hard 3)Maple Irish Setter POLLNAC NEW MIRACLE (D)


Judge Hilary Tringham.

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