DOORS OPEN 7.30                       

LIMIT SHOW         25th  September        Bournemouth Show ground

TOP DOG              12th November           Canford  Sports and Social Cl

  •                                                                      RINGCRAFT DATES 2022

  • 10th January ---                       17th January---Match Night                           24th January---

  • 31st January ----                      7th February---                                                 14th February--

  • 21st February--  Match            28th February ---                                              7th March------

  • 14th March---                           21st March----Match Night                          28th March 

  •  4th April AGM 7pm/Training 8pm                 11th April--                                18th April---NO CLUB

  • 25th April---Match Night      2nd May--NO CLUB                                       9th May-----

  • 16th May--------                    23rd May---Match Night                                 30th May------

  • 6th June---------                    13th June--                                                          20th June---Match Night

  • 27th June--------                     4th July--------                                                11th July----- 

  • 18th July--Match Night             25th July-------                       


  • 5th September----                    12th September--                                                19th September Match Night

  • 26th September---                     3rd October----                                                10th October--.-- 

  • 17th October Match Night---   24th October---                                               31st October---

  • 7th November-----                     14thNovember----                                           21st  November---Match Night               

  •  28th November -                         5th December      ---                                        12th December ---Match Night             

  • 19th December--- Christmas fun Night



SUNDAY 15th MAY 2022


PUPPY: 1 (Abs 1)

GRADUATE: 8 (Abs 2) 

1st Russell-Bond & Cole -  RosinanteSilhoutte. Mid-gold bitch with sweet head and expression which was enhanced by her lovely black pigmentation.  Level topline with well sprung ribs. Sturdy front with correct length of shoulder together with close fitting elbows. Correct front and rear angulation which she used to advantage when moving around the ring.  BOB

2nd May -Cherrygold Storyteller JW - Light gold bitch, well balanced with lovely head and expression.. Very good angulation front and rear with well sprung deep ribs. Close fitting elbows.  Coat in lovely bloom. Very close call between these two bitches, but my winner just had the edge today in rear movement.

3rd – Gayler – CarolakeVoulezVous


1st Russell-Bond & Cole – Rosinante Silhoutte

2nd Brewer – Stradcot Coconut Ice –Mid gold bitch with attractive head and sweet expression. Correct angulation front and rear with well sprung ribs. Today she didn’t move as well as my winner.

3rd Edmunds – Sunnyoak Gold Hill

OPEN: 5 (Abs 2)

1st Russell-Bond & Cole – Rosinante Silhoutte

2nd Arnold – Lamyate Acer At Amberland

Rich golden mature dog who presented a very balanced picture.  Well off for bone. Masculine head with very kind expression. Straight front. Short coupled with plenty of heart room. Good angulation front and rear. Thought he would be my winner, but unfortunately he didn’t move as well the bitch. Would have awarded him RBOB.

3rd Stockwell – Hilsgoldens In The Navy At Ryhalygold

Christine Prowse

16th May 2022



BOSTON TERRIER: SPY (1) 1 Hamlin’s Devotoblaze Hope’s Miracle B. Blustery wind and rain meant that that this excellent 8 month old brindle girl wasn’t comfortable on the table but showed her lovely feminine head with good dentition, dark eyes and correct ear set. On the move it all came together with flowing movement and standing showed a square outline, level topline and good angulation. Not surprised she went on to BPUG and BPIS.One to watch.BP.

O (1) 1 Hamlin’s Rosparquier Small Talk ForDevotoblze SH.CM Nice square brindle 6 year old dog with straight front level topline and good rear angulation. Nice square masculine head with dark round eyes and well placed ears. Moved round the ring with confidence. BOB.

SHAR PEI: O(1) 1 Warren & Ball’s Zaralees I’m Still Standing AtStarferry (IMP IRE) D Excellent square outline. Good head with correctbite and pigment.Small high set ears, Straight forelegs and compact feet. Moved well round the ring.BOB.

Ian King

I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge at their very well run show.  I was delighted to see the quality and condition of the exhibits and the owners should be very proud.  I would like to thank them for their patience and good humour when having to dodge the frequent heavy rain showers. Last but by no means least I thank my 2 brilliant stewards who did a superb job!

French Bulldog:  OB(1) French’s RavensideC’Est La Vie At Bincombefarm. A lot to like about this dark brindle bitch.  Feminine head, beautiful alert expression with dark eye, nicely padded cheeks and correctly set ears.Her straight front, gently arched neck and correct topline was complimented by her nice tuck up and well angled rear. She powered confidently round the ring.  Although a lone exhibit, a deserved BOB.

AVNSC Utility: P(1) 1 Cann’sSunmarca Stars in Her Eyes Miniature Poodle(B). A neat feminine 9 month old puppy with lovely feminine head with cheeky expression.  Well ribbed body, neat front, good angulation front and rear. Moved freely and well, fully of puppy vitality. Best AVNSC and Best AVNSCPuppy.

AV Utility: P(13,5a) 1 Howard’s Decoda’s Crackerjack (D). 6 month oldDalmation boy. Evenly marked, masculine head with alert kind expression, well placed shoulders and level topline. Pleasing rear angulation clearly evident as he moved confidently round for one so young.2 Cann’sSunmarca Stars in her Eyes.

PG(3,1a) 1 Hall’s Balgay Shab Tra Tibetan Spaniel (D)  Smart, well presented boy with beautiful coat, good head and expression and well balanced body.  He scored today on movement covering the ground effortlesslyBAV 2 Plummer’s  Araki Dream Perfection for

Tetsikarma Tibetan Terrier (B) A black and white, well balanced girl, good head, well ribbed with correct topline, nice coat texture and well angulated rear, moved well.

O (1)  1 Plummer’s Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikarma Tibetan Terrier (B)

V (4,1) 1 Plummer’s TetsikarmaStargazer  Tibetan Terrier (D). A delightful boy who belied his 10 years! Masculine head, good front and shoulder placement  well angulated rear and moved round the ring like a youngster. BUV. 2  Bevis’ Ch SouskaEmpty Room at Starlance

Tibetan Spaniel (D)  Another boy who belied his 8 years.  Correct head, good neck and front, well ribbed and in gleaming condition as always from this kennel – a close call here for (1).

UTILITY GROUP:  1 Lindsey &Lindseys’ Tykin Charming LadyAkita (B). A beautifully marked girl with a very nice feminine head, a well ribbed deep body with adequate tuck up, goodtopline and well set tail.  Great bone and feet, well angulated rearand she moved confidently round the ring showing clearly her superb profile.  2 Cann’sSunmarca Stars in Her Eyes Miniature Poodle (B)3  Marshalls’ Arabesque at Devonia   Keeshond(D) Lovely example of the breed.  Nice head and expression,splendid coat and well constructed body evident as he moved.  4 French’sRavensideC’Est La Vie at Bincombefarm  French Bulldog B

UTILITY PUPPY GROUP:  1 Hamlin’s Devotoblaze Hope’s Miracle Boston Terrier (B).  This delightful 8 month old light brindle Boston girl took my eye as soon as she entered the ring with such confidence. Lovely head and expression, round dark eyes and well set ears.  She held her level topline to perfection when standing and when on the move. A little star - I was delighted when she deservedly progressed to BP in Show!   2 Edens’ Steyndal Diamond White at DalensDalmation B. Once settled this9 month old well marked bitch showed well. Good head and expression, straight well boned legs and balanced body clearly evident when she confidently moved.  3  Cann’sSunmarca Stars in Her Eyes Miniature Poodle (B)  4 Monks’ Moon Rocks Cross My Heart at Rozibon German Spitz (Mittel) (B)   Delightful 10 month old girl with cutest expression, neat erect ears. Compact, well balanced with square profile and a high set tail, good coat and moved effortlessly round the ring.



Sunday 15TH MAY 2022

Spaniel (Cocker)

Yearling Dog/Bitch (3)

1ST Blackley &Salero, Ms C and Mr I, Wightroche The Bee: An extremely well balanced and beautifully presented bitch of 16 months of age. Dentition, correct, clean and complete, good head with square muzzle, full eyes, moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders and adequate return of upper arm, well sprung ribs, short loin, good bend of stifle, presented a lovely picture, moved extremely well especially once settled. BOB& Gundog Group 4.

2ND Knox, Mr S & Mrs P, Fernstone Blue Charm: Nicely presented and shown bitch. Merry nature with tail wagging, pleasing head, expression and eye, ears set low, correct, clean and complete dentition, neat set neatly into well placed shoulders, compact body, loin of optimum length for me and well rounded hindquarters, nice feet, moved very well.

3RDWalker, Ms, Blueacre Simply The Best With Ameysford

Graduate Dog/Bitch (2,1abs)

1ST Blackley &Salero, Ms C and Mr I, Wightroche The Bee

Open Dog/Bitch (1)

1ST McWilliams, Mrs M, Fernstone Speckled Wood: Balanced and compact 7 year old bitch, well developed skull, square muzzle, gentle expression, dentition correct, clean and complete, lobular low set ears, strong neck into well placed shoulders, well developed chest, short loin, level topline, muscular hindquarters, sound on the move.

Spaniel (American Cocker)

Graduate Dog/Bitch (3)

1STLuczynski, Mr M, Fabelsfee Nothing But Fun For Kanara (IMP FIN): A striking bitch of 2½ years of age, well presented. Pleasing head with clearly defined stop, chiselled around the eyes, dentition correct, clean and complete. Clean neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest, strong beck and well made hindquarters. Moved well. RBOB

2ND Burt, Mrs M J, AftermarinesRightvoilet: Pleasing young male of 15 months of age, extremely immature. Correct and balanced head with dark eye and dentition that is correct, clean and complete. Clean neck, good forehand assembly, deep chest, moved well once settled.

3RD Honey, Mrs, Almondsbury Red Letter Day

Open Dog/Bitch (2)

1STLuczynski, Mr M, Baladeva Scarlet Letters For KanaraShCM, SHCEX: Very nice bitch of 7 years of age, clean in outline and free of exaggeration. Broad muzzle, dentition correct, clean and complete, well defined stop and defined median line on skull, dark eye, strong into well placed shoulders, chest deep, well made hindquarters, in good coat, moved and shown very well. BOB

2ND Honey, Mrs, Almondsbury Red Letter Day: A dog of 10 months of age. He was overall larger in type than I would have preferred and presented with his puppy jacket on. Pleasing head and expression, correct and clean dentition, dark and full eye, broad muzzle, rounded skull, strong neck, good forehand assembly, longer cast than my preference, good hindquarters, erratic but sound when moving.


Graduate Dog/Bitch (2)

1ST Kemp, Miss, Netherhill Euro Vision Of Greyflyer: Male of nearly 2 years of age. Presented a very clean and balanced outline. Pleasing head, not coarse in any way, correct, clean and complete dentition. Strong neck into well placed shoulders deep chest well sprung ribs, well developed musculature on hindquarters, Moved accurately and smoothly in all planes. BOB

2NDReakes, Mrs P J, ThrihyrneLoveletters: Very feminine long-haired bitch of just over 18 months of age. Very well balanced, lovely head, moderately long with moderate stop, medium sized eye, strong jaws, correct, clean and complete dentition, strong clean-cut neck into well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm, deep chest level back, slightly sloping croup, strong but moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved accurately and smoothly both fore, aft and in profile.

Open Dog/Bitch (1)

1ST Marsh, Mrs T, Gunalt Escapade At Comorin: A bitch of 7½ years of age. Balanced and free from exaggeration. Good head of moderate length, correct, clean and complete dentition, strong neck well placed shoulders deep chest, topline not firm or level, moderate hindquarters, moved soundly.

A.V.N.S.C. Gundog

Puppy Dog/Bitch

1ST Brown, Mrs C L, Matravers Cherokee(German Wirehaired Pointer): A beautifully balanced dog of just 7 months of age, presented and shown very well. Of pleasing type with a balanced head that is proportionate to body. Correct, clean and complete dentition, very good forehand assembly with sloping shoulders, deep chest with elbows close to body, excellent bone, good quality harsh coat, tight feet with short nails, moved very well. Best AVNSC Gundog and Puppy Gundog Group 2

Any Variety Gundog

Puppy Dog/Bitch

1ST Stone, Mr & Mrs C & K, Kidenoan Mark Time For Merrem(Welsh Springer Spaniel): A well presented and balanced young male of just 7months of age. Lovely outline, correct head with skull of proportionate length, correct, clean and complete dentition, good reach of neck that was clean in throat, well placed shoulder and return of upper arm, balanced and proportionate body, hocks well let down, moved very well.

2ND Milford, Ms A J, Haramander Phantom(Pointer): A male of 9 months of age. Of pleasing overall type and balance, good and correct head, correct, clean and complete dentition, clean neck good shoulder, deep chest moderate hindquarters angulation. Moved well, but slightly wide when coming in.

3RDHoney, Mrs, Almondsbury Red Letter Day (Spaniel, American Cocker)

Open Dog/Bitch

1ST Elkin, Miss M, Tollelkin Dream Dancer (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever): A male who exudes breed type and of 16 months of age. I thought him to be workmanlike all through and totally free from exaggeration. He was presented in very good hard condition. Very good wedge-shaped head that whilst broad is slightly rounded, correctly placed ears, strong medium length neck into well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm, deep chest with elbows onto brisket, well sprung ribs, strong loin and well developed hindquarters. He moved very well showing drive from the rear and maintained accurate movement in all profiles.

2NDBrewer, Mrs S, Stradcot Coconut Ice(Golden Retriever): A bitch of nearly 3 years of age. Balanced not exaggerated in any way,correct, clean and complete dentition and correct bite, correct layback of shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm.  Deep brisket and good length of ribcage.Well made hindquarters with excellent bone and feet.  Moved well.In good coat and condition.

3RDEdworthy, Mrs M, Maycourt Heartbreaker (Curly Coated Retriever)

Veteran Dog/Bitch

1STKruglow, Mrs P K, Amberellie Adrianna(Italian Spinone): A quality bitch of 9 years of age –presented and shown well. Head correct with oval skull, deep muzzle, correct mouth, good shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, straight forelegs, broad and deep chest, strong hindquarters, moved very well.

2ND SH CH Tarafield Anya Panni By Vizslanya(Hungarian Vizsla): A well balanced bitch of 7½ years of age, Super clean outline and well balanced, free from exaggeration.  Lovely head and expression.  Correct, clean and complete dentition, Good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm.  Well-ribbed back.  Good bend of stifle.  Moved well both fore and aft and in profile.

3RD Vaughn, Mrs D, Teisgol I Am What I Am At PhlynniesShCM(Pointer)

Gundog Group

Group 1: Harris &Hoeksema, Mrs P & Mr G, Bridgella’s First Edition With Konakakela JW (English Setter): A stunning male of nearly 5 years of age, presented in super condition and shown well. Very good overall type, well made all through, excellent head and expression, correct, clean and complete dentition, strong neck, well-placed shoulders, elbows on brisket, deep chest, in good coat moved well and soundly in all planes.

Group 2: Bradley, Mr P & Mrs L, Stanegate Stage Debut (AI) (Irish Water Spaniel): A beautifully presented bitch of just 2 years of age and of excellent type and conformation. She is beautifully balanced. Typical head with slightly aloof expression. Strong neck to well laid shoulder and barrel ribcage right on the elbow. Short back with strong hindquarters and well let down hocks. In excellent coat and condition. On the move she demonstrated the correct roll from the ribcage and showed an excellent length of stride when viewed in profile. Put simply, she is outstanding.

Group 3: McAllister, P, Rumolboys Cascade Of Fire(LagottoRomagnolo): A bitch of nearly 3 years of age. Of very good overall quality. Presented an excellent outline.  Good head correct proportions with strong muzzle.  Correct, clean and complete dentition. Short, muscular and slightly arched neck into shoulders that are moderately laid back.Well ribbed back leading to short loin.  Good topline and correct tailset. Strong well-muscled hindquarters. Moved well. Very good coat texture. 

Group 4:Blackley &Salero, Ms C and Mr I, Wightroche The Bee (Spaniel Cocker)

Puppy Gundog Group

Group 1:Allum, Mrs R J, Macarica Fair and Square(Italian Spinone): This bitch of 11 months of age is quite simply outstanding and a Champion of the future in my humble opinion. She shows excellent breed quality and type for me. Head correct with oval skull, deep muzzle, correct mouth with complete and clean dentition, good shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, straight forelegs, broad and deep chest, strong hindquarters, moved very well.

Group 2: Brown, Mrs C L, Matravers Cherokee(German Wirehaired Pointer)

Group 3:Roberts, Mrs K, Havana King Of The Truffles To Byphar NAF(LagottoRomagnolo): Presented a good clean outline.  She has a very nice head and correct 3/2 proportions. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Short slightly arched neck.Well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm. Close fitting elbows.Well ribbed back. Good hindquarters with good bend of stifle.  Short hocks square to ground. She moved very both fore, aft and in side profile and with good drive. Good coat with curl.

Group 4:Montell, Mrs A, Culverwell Sweet Stephanie(English Setter): A bitch of 9 months of age, lovely head of correctly proportions and carried high on muscular and lean neck, soft expression, ears set low, correct, clean and complete dentition, shoulders set well back, deep chest, body of optimum length, well made hindquarters, tight feet. On the move she was sound with fluid movement.

Ann Donald Memorial Open Stakes Dog or Bitch (18)

1STBradley, Mr P & Mrs L, Stanegate Stage Debut (AI)(Irish Water Spaniel)

2ND Robinson &Howlett, Mr L & Miss D, Skyswift Tennessee Honey (Standard Wire Haired Dachshund): Male of nearly 3½ years of age, not exaggerated in any way, pleasing head with vlearly defined ridges over the eyes, dentition correct, clean and complete, muscular neck into long shoulder blades, moderately long body , prominent breast bone, broad rump, moved well.

3RD Ainsworth, Mrs D L & Mr S M, Hawkesflight Milady De Winta(Belgian Shepherd Dog – Tervueren)

Reserve: Bridgwater & Green, Mr W & Mrs D & Miss, Bridgella’s Don’t Push (Irish Setter)

Kennel Club Good Citizens Stakes Dog or Bitch (14)

1STWalmsley, Frost, Frost Treadwell, Mrs J, Mr & Mrs R W & K A & Mrs A E, Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen(Norwegian Buhund): Very clean and balanced in outline, short and compact as the standard describes. A very feminine bitch of 4 years of age, lean head with dark eye, dentition correct, clean and complete, medium neck into good forehand assembly, well ribbed, moderate hindquarters, moved soundly on neat oval feet.

2ND Plummer & Bingham, Mrs, Mr, Mrs & Miss, Silgarhi Holy Smoke To Tetsikarma(Tibetan Terrier): Beautifully balanced.  Sturdily built.  Good head with definite stop and strong muzzle. Correct bite. Well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm.  Flattish feet.  Nails could be shorter.  Well bent stifles with low hocks. Moved soundly with drive.

3RD Vaughn, Mrs D, Teisgol I Am What I Am At PhlynniesShCM(Pointer)

Reserve: French, Miss K, RavensideC’est La Vie At Bincombefarm(French Bulldog)

Martyn J Rees (Judge)